Grow Your Beauty Business


motivated beauty professionals who are struggling with gaining clients, clear messaging, and deciding where to start to grow their service business.


intensive virtual group coaching through Camille Janei’s signature program, Grow! the aim of the program is to grow you mentally and in business.


coaching sessions meet weekly and virtually for over 12 weeks. members also have daily access to online community of visionaries.


Signature Program

Grow, 6 strategic Steps to Achieving Your Next Level, is a 12 week intensive program coupled with mentorship, for highly motivated beauty professionals ready to Grow their beauty business. 

How the Program Works

Get Clear on Your Purpose & Message

Redefine Your Expertise, Services, and Proper Pricing

Create Custom Marketing, Branding and Customer Experience Plans

Attract and Retain New Clients

What You Will Get

Virtual Coaching Sessions

Strategic Plan Manual

Online Community

Ready to Grow?

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